My name is Lorenzo, I am a designer and a researcher in the areas of interaction and service design. Through my research and practice and I developed competences and skills about how to guide companies and public institutions in their transition toward configurations more attentive and responsive to the needs of contemporary society and its service and information economies.

About my work

Information and automation technologies provide several opportunities for the design and implementation of more flexible, user centred and adaptive forms of production and service supply. Nevertheless these innovations are often constrained within the boundaries of accustomed 'industrial' practices and forms of organisation. Through design, preferable scenarios and business models can be conceived, prototyped and experienced, providing the means to learn how to configure and achieve these visions, 'exploring the future by feeling around the corner'. This means not only to investigate how to properly attune new systems of product and services to their context of use —anticipating possible consequences and controversies— but also to acknowledge what changes are possible, or even required, on behalf of the industrial systems within which these innovations will operate.