"If companies profits from the data generated by cities and their inhabitants shouldn’t the community reap a share?”  A. Townsend - Smart Cities



Extending public control of data produced by cities and communities could potentially drive the creation of new viable business models supporting the development of local networks and economies. “Antenna” is a design exploration of 'speculative hacking' as a participatory tool to open up sensitive infrastructures such as mobile cell towers and reveal their content for design and discussion without causing disruption. Data from the antennas' use the active and passive production of mobile apps are revealed and materialised as a way to trigger a dialogue and speculate about service innovation possibilities and potential consequences that this technological opportunity might conceal. 

The use of prototypes like Antenna, its pictorials and storytelling, in collaboration with mobile service providers can be useful for the identification of opportunities for ad hoc local services, such as those opened up by 5G connectivity. Beside this kind of practical application however, the most important learning from the crafting of  Antenna is the use of speculative design intervention to investigate future possibilities: If "infrastructures become visible and relatable only when they brake down", design forms and material can be used to simulate these unexpected situations, providing stakeholders with the necessary material to articulate present and future issues around technology, and to better understand how to respond to these events. 

More informations and reflections about Antenna are available here